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Thanks Kendalle for the reply. When we first got him he was red and swollen down there and we got him to a vet right away and got him on antibiotics. He has since gotten much better and is looking much better no longer swollen and red. It's just this constant hissing when he poops. The vet does say he is healthy and that his insides feel very good and everythng I just don't understand why he is hissing.

Rhapsody, my fiance actually suggested that a few days ago but I just dismissed it I guess because it just seems weird. You may have something going though and it might just be him doing it. I'm going to see if I can get a video of it and post it and see if anyone else can come up with an idea. I really want to just say "the vet said he is fine so he is" but I at the same time don't want to have that happen and him have an underlying problem. LOL boy I just got him 3wks ago and I'm already getting grey hairs from worrying over him ^_^
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