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Where the heck do you see that I say everything over here is perfect?
And you quoted out of context!
I compare things to try and tell people why I think the way I do.
Quite frankly I'm quite sick of hearing how bad my idears are, because people only know how things work where they come from, and don't consider some of us might not come from the same place...
It's just common for people to think that americans are stupid.
This is not something I think personally (and I thought I made that quite clear), but that's just the way it is.
"I don't think amaricans are stupid in general - you'll find those people all over the world"
From the same post.
It's just the same as when I sit an listen to americans talking abut how stupid mexicans are, or when people talk about how bad a contrie china is, because the goverment does stupid questions.
If you want to take things out of context, then you can make it seam people say what ever YOU want them too, instead of what they are actually saying.
If you would reed some of my other treads, you would see that I'm not all that happy about my contrie all the time - we have some stupid rules.

But what they hey - you read what you want - so I guess now I'm saying you are a liar

I think I'm just going to leave this place for a while...
It's very annoying that I can't say anything without someone getting mad. Either I have a wrong opinion because things are different, or I'm bad because I try and explain why I see things a sertain way...


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