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About Owning Foxes

In the future (probably a few years from now) I would love to adopt a fox. I realize these are wild animals, normally I am quite opposed to make pets out of wild creatures for the most part however if I adopted one from a fur farm I would know it was being kept from something horrible and I would love to write about it and use it to show others just how beautiful these creatures are. Mostly I just want to give a would be a coat a better life. I have interned at a zoo so I understand wild animals a slight bit (I am not expert) and I did not work with foxes. I plan to do every bit of research so that I can provide the best care for me fox and I realize that these are not the same as your "cat" and "dog" pet. I am hoping to also be able to work with foxes beforehand to get to know them better and learn their behavior. But I would love to hear any experiences from other owners or useful information. I am not about to dive into this blindly.
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