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Acacia wasnt a rescue but i believe i rescued her from the family who was selling her,her brotheres, and her sister(who had an untreated broken leg trying to escape the tiny cage) and the family who gave her to me hadnt any idea to the questions i asked like when was the last time they seen a vet (never) and what veggies they ate(none) and when i told the mom i intended to spay her she stuttered into the phone and couldnt believe me....I got Acacia when she was about 4 months old and she still has a hard time trusting people

Akina was bred by a breeder but Dawna had her for the first 2 years or so-i only got her last November or December (?).

I will only support rescue from now on though,especially with bunnies..Im the only one who voted "no"..
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