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Be sure to check out - The House rabbit society website.

Hopefully you have some money saved up to get him neutered, because at 6 months old he's already old enough to have it done. You should try to find a rabbit savy vet now, before hand so that if anything ever happens and he needs a vet you already know where some are. When a bunny gets sick they can start to go downhill very quickly, sometimes getting them to a vet quickly really is a matter of life and death.

Get him some toys (other then things to chew), some of them don't like them but some of them love them. The bigger the cage the better, he may be small but smaller rabbits are usually more hyper and need more space to run around. Either get something that doesn't have a wire bottom, or get something to cover some of the wire. Standing on wire bottom cages constantly can hurt their feet.

Also, pick up a litter box if your planning on litter training him - and don't forget plenty of hay! If your going to feed him pellets, make sure you get a good quality of pellets only - those foods with things mixed in like corn and seeds and such arn't good for them. The breeder should give you some of the food he's use to eating, so you can slowing introduce him to his new food. Introduce him to new fruits/veggies/treats slowly, so he doesn't get an upset tummy.

Also, since he's a lionhead, I would get him a good brush. I have to brush my lionhead everyday to keep him from getting mats in his fur.

Hmm...that's all I can think of right now. But definatly check out that site when you have time. It's really been helpful for me with my rabbits Good luck!

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