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Originally Posted by lizzybelle2169 View Post
lol cant help ya there. lol. my guinea goes in her food bowl sometimes and my boy mice go in their water bowls (i havent had a chance or the finances to get more water bottles since the unexpected litter came) . never had a ferret though, so i'm not sure lol.
I just have to catch him doing it and plant his butt in the litter box, but, problem is, he's like a 3 year old doing something he KNOWS is wrong.... He'll only do it when he knows no one is there to catch him. I'll walk past to go into the kitchen and everything's fine... on the way back from the kitchen not even 10 minutes later... "DAMMIT CASH!".. I need cameras and sensors and lights and bells just to let me know when he's getting ready to ruin the time I spent cleaning the night before!
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