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Unhappy Crazy Cats Need Advice!!

Right my little cats are 7 months now they have not been spayed yet they are females.. you need to wait here in NI until they are 7 months to get spayed so we are booking them in soon but we have SOME problems with them.
They are both sisters and have never been seperated, Well as soon as we come into the living room and sit down they run and climb up the wall paper, curtains , shelves EVERYTHING we tell them no in a firm voice, we tried the spray bottle but NOTHING. Then when we lock them out of the living room, and we stay in the living room ONE of them screams outside the living room UNTIL we let them in if we dont she keeps on going.. i have actually timed her before and it lasted an HR! Then if we go upstairs into the bedroom or one of us do, they run up to the door and the same sister screams at the door its not a normal MEOW its a WAAAA WAAAA constantly!
What is wrong with her?
Will spaying them sort these problems out?

They are fed 3 times a day in small amounts recommned by our vet, they have a mix of dry and wet. They have 3 scratching posts MILLIONS of toys we give them kisses hugs EVERYTHING what can we do?
They are wrecking our heads!

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
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