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ok here is my advises:

1. make sure the temp is warm enuf if its too cold he cant digest and will not eat

2. soak him in warm water(but not too hot) because if he dont move alot he probably dehidrated and soak will help

3. it could be MBD(metabolik bone dissese) make his jaw soft so he dont eat if thats it get PURE calsium powder but probably its too far so he need calsium injektion from a vet

4. try if you haved not live mealworms to stimulate him

5. try silkworms if hes just being picky, my leo loves them(but this sounds more serius)

6. if he geted skinny fast it may be intestine parasite chek his poo if its chopy or rough or not normal if its this then he needs meds from a vet

7.tilt head atleast in mammals means inner ear infektion, if that it then he needs meds froma vet fast or it may be too late

8. if you blend egg white(not yolk) and any bugs you have or replite meal replasment powder with water to make a good consistansy and put it on his lips so he lik it off may help put some foods in him

post a pic it may help to find out what is wrong. but listen mate this gecko needs a vet. anyway good luck i hope hes ok.
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