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Question Introducing a female with baby in pouch sugar Glider

I have no clue what to do. I've always had male sugar gliders and never had to deal with females before. I have a 1 yr old male and a 3 yr old female. They are great together. I recently just received another female with a baby in her pouch. I separated them like all the research has told me to do. I introduced my male with my new female mom and they are getting along fine, but my other female is not. I placed them in the bathroom after 3 days of being able to smell each other and switched pouches etc. When I let my two females together the go after each other what looks like to kill. I'm hoping this only because my one has a baby in her pouch. Is this the case? I do know that one female can be more dominant but is it likely they will never get along until the baby is gone? I wasn't told much about my new female so I don't know how long the baby has been in the pouch and when do I remove him/her. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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