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That may be true but it is already a "chance" by getting a dog from a shelter. Two years ago I brought home a shepard puppy mix. She recently died of inherited mange. At birth she looked normal and until she turned a year old she did not show any signs. Her vet checks were always good and she was never unhealthy, as far as we knew. Then, all of a sudden her hair started falling out! I knew it was mange but I thought it would be curable. We took her to the vet only to find that it was inherited mange and that even after treatment it may come back again. We treated her and she was fine for about two months and then it was back again. Shortly after that she ran away and never came back, which is not like her at all. She always stays close and never goes anywhere except to the neighbors, who let her inside when we are not home. So, to me it is so hard to get these animals adopted if they are charging a high price because dogs, particularly in this area, can be found in the newspapers for free and for 25-50 dollars for a mixed dog that the mother is most likely on premisis so at least you have an "idea" of what the pup may end up looking like. Drop boxes apparently are being petitioned to be closed but I can say that people in my county make "GREAT" use of them and I doubt they will ever be shut down here.
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