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Sick/dying Hamster, PLEASE help!!

I am worried about my Hamster, Binky. He is very sick, he has always been very active, noctunally, and also responsive to me during the day when he has been up and about. Now, I think he is dying. His health seems to have decreased rapidly, even though his appearance has changed over the years as he has grown older, he now seems to be shaking constantly, he can not stand or walk without falling over and he is shaking and curling up very tightly as though in pain. He seems almost to be spasming.
Also his eyes appear glazed over or swollen and he does not drink unless I bring the bottle to him or seem to eat any food I put down. This has been for the last 48 hrs now and has come on very rapidly.

Basically! I have resigned myself to the fact he is probably on his 'way out', I should stress he is nearly 3 years old, However, I am torn with what to do. Even taking him to the vets I'm sure will cause him distress and he is not responsive to anything and I'm sure he's in pain alot. Plus and I'm sure they'd only put him down. WHat can I do at home to ensure he is as comfortable as possible and without sounding morbid would it be better if I did something to put him out of his misery? I don't want him to suffer anymore! It's so horrible to watch. Please help, any advice would be appreciated x
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