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You need serious changes. This will help make you iguana happy healthy and nicer.

Your iguana is living in jail, he is fighting for what little he has. He won't be nice.

You need a cage that is at least 4 foot long, 4 foot wide, and 6 foot tall.

A uvb bulb is a special reptile light that acts as the sun they need it to get vitamin D for calcium you are going to need to buy one at least get a tube light 10.0 uvb from your pet store IT MUST SAY UVB not UVA or Full spectrum.

They need that uvb to live.

Ditch the pelleted food, feed a mix of dark leafy greens from your grocery store, they need mustard greens, collard greens, and turnip greens daily.

work on building a new cage for your ig.

They need a basking spot of at least 90 and up to 95 degrees to digest food. then the cool end can drop to 75-80

at night it can go down to 70 no problem.


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