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ANOTHER genetics thread about siamese

So, at the pet shop I work at (only until the 13th now, I quit!) we had a breeder bring us 6 siamese rats. 3 males, 3 females. They weren't seperated, one female got adopted. The 2 females of COURSE became pregnant, and the first one had 4 babies (maybe she ate some, but 4 when I saw them) and the other had more but almost 2 weeks later.

I am assuming that the siamese gene is recessive because Louna's mom is black with a white spot and her dad is siamese and all the babies were all black or with white.

The siamese rats got pregnant from their brothers... (poor ratties...) and so of course, I was thinking they all had to be siamese, but the pups that are about 2 weeks old now look pink with grey spots! Like they're gonna become black and white.

The staff froze the pups since they're from brother-sister mating, they were smart enough to not take a chance people would breed those pups and are selling them as pinkies for snakes, so I'll never know what exact color they become. But... is it possible for 2 siamese rats to have other colored babies?
How does this work?? is siamese not a color and another gene comes into action to make them siamese and they're actually agouti siamese or something like that?

so there comes another question... can 2 albino rats have colored babies?
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