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Two siamese rats will have all siamese babies. Two albino rats will have all albino babies. The pointed gene, c^h, is actually a modified albino gene which causes darker hair to grow in the extremities.


An albino male mated with albino female:

c/c x c/c = all c/c offspring

A siamese male mated with siamese female:

c^h/c^h x c^h/c^h = All c^h/c^h

A himilayan is actually a rat that caries one copy of albino and one copy of a modified albino gene, or c/c^h.

Since albino and siamese are recessive, two copies MUST be present to show. an animal with a genotype of : a/a C/c will be black, but be het for albino. If bred to a nother a/a C/c, there will be 25% albinos, 50% hets, and 25% dominant 'colored'.

If the babies had been black, the skin would not have been grey but very dark and noticeably black by just a few days old. If they weren't black by two weeks, they weren't going to be black. Siamese babies are interesting looking when young, often light on the front end and darker brown on the rear. However, if the ratties carried markings like variegated, they could appear to be gray spotted when in all actuality they are simply 'spotted' siamese. Also, if they carried or were blue pointed siamese (a/a D/d c^h/c^h) then it could make them appear different looking, too.

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