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"Pet Fox 1201"

Sidney is not acting too kindly toward the cat. Definitely not the same reaction as when around the dogs.

I've had some types of dogs whose first instincts are to kill and ask questions later. Pretty much what I saw with Sidney.

He definitely needs some one on one attention from me to continue our 'person to person' relationship. I got him on the leash and into my lap and he just didn't seem too happy about it....but then again, I'm not a pro when deciphering Fox noises. They sounded like some noises that I really couldn't compare with any other animal, beyond maybe a puppy whining combined with a wild baby rabbit screaming. A fox is generally not a domesticated animal. Anyone who has taken in a baby cottontail knows they do not get friendlier with age.....they just stress..

Called the Indy Zoo, got the message center, got someone who forwarded me to someone's voicemail which forwarded me to something else....not a lot of help there. I might try again. I see some email addresses...
So I tried again, and got the number for the zoo veterinarian office. "Please don't leave a message at this number."

TamanduaGirl, it's time for some private messaging. Expect to hear from me ASAP

Avatar is so totally stolen and is not an actual pic of Sidney. But is it so close to what he looks like, it's worth the risk.

All posts are in consideration for the 'future NAAF;...National Association for the Advancement of Foxes.

Anyone using this material for a 'for profit' enterprise such as a book or research paper or a website is requested to include a "Dedicated to Sidney" notation.
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