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"Pet Fox 1301"
Sorry if people get confused. Trying to include info about food that Sidney likes to eat. And there are some that he does not.

Now onto to "Visitors and that good first impression"
Being the shy fox that he is, Sidney has his fave hiding place under the sofa. He's gotten to know that if he does not want to come out, all he has to do is give that "nip nip" and the hand will disappear.
So yesterday Sidney had visitors and at frist they thought they wouldn't get to see him since he was firmly planting himself under the sofa. After about 20 minutes, he slowly presented himself and I told the visitors to just ignore him and don't make any quick movements.
Things progressed from Sidney sniffing their feet, to their fingers, and finally he climbed up on the sofa with them for love and petting. He sort of reminds me of my son when he was little....he'd do things when he was ready.

You'd think that since I spend time with Sidney every day that he would be used to me and the household noises by now, but he is still pretty shy and skittish. Doesn't seem to matter how many fruits and veggies that he takes from my hand.
Sort of reminds me of the time I was sitting in front of the campfire at the campgrounds, and here came the baby raccoons. They'd climb right up on the lawnchair with me and wanted to be fed. I sure didn't try to pet them!!
The mama coons hung back (and later raided the cooler for their dinner). But anyway, Sidney has that sort of relationship with people....he'll approach when he is ready, and not a moment before.
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