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Also neutral. There are zoo's that rescue or rehabilitate wild animals who can no longer live in the wild and then display them. Paying careful attention to each animals needs is uber important too. Also, it helps people to learn about endangered animals-habitat threat-poaching-etc...We dont have a zoo but the closest thing we have in Newfoundland is called Salmonier Nature Park which is solely made up of completley wild, native animals to the forests and wetlands of Newfoundland. The animals are all displaced or unable to fend for themselves naturally and the enclosures arent fake. Theyre fenced in right on the natural terf. It's truly a wonderful place I loves it!!! The snowy owl and bald eagle both can no longer fly and so their 'enclosures' arent actually seperated from the walking trail. If they were in any way sociable to humans you could totally pet them b/c there's no fencebetween you and them!! So exhilerating eh?
But any road side venue or zoo who captures perfectly healthy animals and disrupts natural ecosystems and causes undue stress or harm in any way is simply wrong. There are other ways to make money and learn about aniamals...
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