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Scroll down, there's a section on small mammals. Looks like there shouldn't be a problem, as long as the animal is legal in the state that you are entering. Hope this helps.

Small Mammals and Non-African rodents: Unless they are included in a specific embargo, such as civets, prairie dogs and African rodents, or known to carry disease transmissible to humans, these animals are not covered under CDC regulations. However, state or local regulations may apply. Pet ferrets, for example, are prohibited in California. Any animal known to carry a zoonotic disease is subject to regulation 42CFR71.54. Additionally, animals carrying diseases of risk to domestic or wild animals are subject to regulations from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, as they may be considered injurious species.

An FDA-approved rabies vaccine is available for ferrets, although it is not required for importation. CDC advises the use of this vaccine to protect the animal, as well as the owner, from rabies virus that could be acquired within the U.S.
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