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Litter Training Help!

Pssh. Sunny is so content on angering me.

I've been *trying* to litter train her. She isn't spayed, [but soon will be, soon meaning the next few weeks] and I know that would make this a breeze.

I try and pet her everytime I see her in the litter tray or treat her, but, that's the thing. She's never in it -_-.

Now, she'll pee just fine. But poo is everyyywhere!

Is there anyway to help her? I try and give her a hint by putting her poop in there, but she just ignores it. The only time SHE'LL actually poop in it is if I set her in there while she's eating, so the poop just falls. That's pitiful LOL!

I'd appreciate some help..idk what to do.


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