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Question What steps should i take next?

Ok its been a long time since i had piggers lol so my memory is horrible, and i have a few questions.
Since hes verrrrrry nervous i need to know what im doing wrong and what im doing right
- when i come into the room or anyone does he runs to a hiding spot lol! and stays there until we quieten down!
- I have lifted him a few times but with some chasing involved. So my one big question is; should i keep chasing and lifting him to get him used to it? or should i let him bond with me and let him come to me?
- He won't take nothing from my hand yet but when i place it infront of him and walk away he munches lol!

So what should i do next? do i not try to lift him? or will that make him worse?
I also need to remember that hes only been here 2days, so should i let him settle in for a few more days until i try to lift him?
Alot of people are saying if i dont start lifting him now he will never be used of me handling him, so i need pointed in the right direction lol!
Thanks he really is a wonderful pigger!

Rip Novo, Mummy Loves You x
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