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Rats are very inttegent and can learn names and to use a litter pan as well. Rats and mice are diffrent they eat about the same but rats need more. You can get rat food seed based or pellets. aspen or care freash or critter care can be used as beding or old shreded paper.
They can eat what you eat but in certin amount and certin things. Look up rat food what not to give them and what they can have. Freash veggies and fruits are great for them. They can have dog and cat food I give it to mine as more a treat though mixed in their food. Look up sue b's diet for rats and follow that or make your own version. I place posta noodles in mine and they love cherrios.
Rats are social and a cage mate is always a good thing to have and since you are getting 2 that is wonderful but they need time out with you as well. They love hamik and fleac blankets and make shure to get them chew treats to keep their teeth filed down.
here are a few sites that can help and I know I am leaving stuff out becuase its early morning here and I havent had enough coffee. LOL and I am sure that there are others who will fill in the blanks that I left out. Also make shure they have a big enough cage. you can use a rat calculater to determin the size cage you may need.
there is also other links on there for more info
more so for medical stuff but dose have other stuff on it
there are just a few to get you started I have a lot more in my favorits folder just have to serch threw it all and get some more

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