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Smile Yays!

So, Ive had my pigs for almost two months now and we have been slowly but surely making progress. They both are very loving, they both enjoy lap time but Cream loves it, she loves to cuddle up and watch a movie at night. Suprisingly Caramel loves to be groomed, she will just sit there for it and curls up on my lap while I brush her. A few weeks ago I introduced them to floor time, it was not a success, they both would just sit there looking uncomfortable, a week ago the started slowly to venture out and since I started holding floor time in my bedroom instead of the living room, the seem to move alot more and are actually enjoying it! Well, I went to get them out today and they were straight off, and... They started popcorning! Their first popcorns! I am so happy right now, they are just popcorning around the floor . On a side note, does anyone know if Frisee is ok for piggers?
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