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Do you know an Animal Hoarder??? Do they Need Help?

Do you know an Animal Hoarder?

Animal hoarders are people who own more animals than they can care for.
It's a problem that can endanger both animals and the people trying to
care for them: filthy living conditions, animal neglect, social
isolation, untreated psychological disorders. Each year, there are over
3000 reported cases in the U.S. alone, involving a quarter million
animals: dogs, cats, snakes, parrots, turtles, ferrets, even wild
animals and exotics. For too long this problem has either been ignored
or left to law enforcement.

There is a solution. The Emmy Award winning producers of Intervention
are creating a new documentary series that helps friends and family
reach out to the compulsive animal owner in their life and offer them
realistic solutions. We will be working with the HSUS, SPCA, American
Humane and nationally recognized experts to craft compassionate
solutions that provide help for both the person - and their pets.

But to reach these people - and their animals - we need your help. If
you know an animal hoarder, please contact us!
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