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So she's already pretty much halter broken! It went much better than we anticipated. Within an hour we had her halter on and she was following on a lead rope. She stood still while I brushed all the snarls and mud out of her coat. I'm really excited. She's rather skinny but there is hay there and the grass is starting to pick up. I'm doing research on supplements and will be worming her if the warm weather keeps up for the next week or so.

Still a little torn on her name and I forgot my camera so I can't put up new pictures. She's nearly white right now with her winter coat but her mane and tail will be a rather blinding shade of white and she has a blaze down her forehead. Her coat is only a couple of shades darker than her mane and tail right now but her sire did the same thing. He's almost white right now but he was darker during the summer.

I'm thinking of naming her either Liberty Belle or Firecracker. Either would work. She has some spunk but she seems pretty sweet and affectionate.
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