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Becrac - Yeah,thanks a lot for judging me.

I am not posting here anymore,not in this thread anyway.

I care a lot about my family and you have no right to say otherwise.You only know me via what I post and so therefore you do not know what I have done,except for what I have posted.Also I don't come here much anymore,so instead of assuming things,you could of ASKED.But no,you make assumptions I do not care about my the amount of time I have taken to reply I may or may not of done something,but I am not even bothering posting here in this thread anymore.You have crossed a line.

And did I ever say my house was infested? No I did not.
I said there were a lot of mice in the basement from what I heard.

So think what you will of me,but I know what is best for my family and I care more about my family then I care about you.

* Lisa *

* To the world you are ONE person,but to a rat you are the world *

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