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yeah but that is different. what i was trying to say was that the chins we have in our homes are different. they woulnd never ever be able to adapted tot he out side cause their used to being in doors. and like i said before and i'll say it again weather who lieks my attitude or NOT!!! I was told by a lot of people who ahve been raising chins for a long time. no to take them out . i took this queation to my other two forums and they all agreed that you souldn't take them out or if you do they need a/c on them to keep them cool . so to end an argument and to get across to some people that it's a matter of opnion. Not cause "WE'RE FROM THE US AND WE KNOW IT ALL" attitude . it'a a matter of opnion. and if certain people don't like it when their giving advice then they need not to listen or not post.
And for the record Chinci ..... your attitude sux . and i can say what i want when i want and how i want ... so don't be telling me or anyone else about their attitude and how they sould word things cause i quote "We amaricans don't read what we write" but we sure do know what in the **** we're talking about !!!! so chill and relax..... it's an opnion that everyone can go by ... that's all !! kendell 606235 anything over 80 degrees is too hot for a chin and if the humidty is too high it can kill a chin . that's why I was never told to take them out side . i was told to keep them cool and comfortable ...

that's it i'm done with this disscusion !!! on this topic

Sorry i ever posted in the first place ...

Originally Posted by Kendalle View Post
and these animals don't die outdoors, they will in some areas, but lets not forget there is no AC in the wild, and there are wild chinchillas....

So a better option to this whole ordeal is do not take your chins out if it is higher than (I don't know degrees C/F) and/or has a higher humidity than (i don't know %)

I don't know much about chins so i don't know their temp range but i would guess in the fall some days it may be nice enough to run around in a cage out doors.

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