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Originally Posted by Sasami View Post
I'm interested in those stats and where you got them. Although they may be a little lower anyways since so many people remove teeth from their primates . But yeah, I haven't seen that research and would be interested in reading it.
No problem! Here is a really excellent monkey-ownership website. She doesn't condone monkey keeping, but gives very straightforward advice/facts. Its really good since it does iron out lots of monkey facts that are misconstrued. There are a few other really good sites as well, but this one is the best in my mind.


(Sorry, it wont let me put in a direct link yet, but if you copy/paste this and insert the dots and slash into your web browser, you can get there )

The people I have known who have kept/keep monkeys have not had their teeth removed, I am happy to say! Although, I know that it still does happen Luckily, most of the good keepers do not practice this anymore. That's not saying some redneck will practice the same restraint tho

Again, I am not saying that monkeys are pets, but after seeing some people I have known who have taken such good care of their primate friends, I can't say that it is immoral or bad altogether. The monkey's disposition really comes from its treatment. With good caretakers and a large/enrichment filled environment, the monkeys can be kept very happy!
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