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I WOULD normally, since I read that they can get very lonely. Sugar Glider breeders just aren't very common around here in the very Eastern part of Canada, the lady I got him from said that there was another batch of joey's being born in 2 months. She had the same worries that he'd be lonely after being separated from it's family. He just likes being picked up a lot more; and he doesn't nip or bite like she said he did anymore, which it good. He only really crabs when I put him back in the cage or when our dog comes around.

Diet wise; for picky eaters, how do I get him to eat his veggies? I have a BML mix he's not too fond of either, and he doesn't seem to like mealworms. He LOVES fruit, and the fruit smoothie I made him. How do I know if he's eating enough?
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