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Rip buddy (graphiic)

I post this with a heavy heart
today i went out to the dog park with buddy and maya. buddy was my friends weiner dog . may he rest in peace. He got out of his career as she was getting on the bus and she ran everywhere for him. and got hit by a car tonight The person didnt even stop he almost hit my friend as well. My friend is devistated, and to be honest im a little freaked out. All the cars had stopped but that idiot decided not to wait n hit the dog. I went over to the other side of the street. And picked the dog up but he was no longer with us.I hid him with a blanket so my friend wouldnt see him i didnt ball my eyes out till my friend was safe at home with her mom. I tried so hard for her not to see the blood all over me. and now i just feel like im losing it. Rip little man.

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