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Hi, am aware I'm joining your conversation, but Ive just adopted 2 chins, Father and Son aged 2 and 6 months. The pet shop were under the impression that they had been housed together and were fine the day they were brought into the shop,(when I visited). 3 days later they were allowed to come home with me and almost immediately I noticed the younger one losing his whiskers. Checking with the vet it seems that they were probably not housed together and due to stress of moving around he was 'barbering' the younger one. this is normal and does not harm them but you need to keep an eye on it as when I collected them I also noticed that the baby had sore looking eyes, again the father was biting (gently) around his eyes which as lead to infection. Ive put a cage separator in now so they can see each other and huddle together thru the wire but not enough to barber. The baby is on antibiotics and eye drops which I am hoping will do the trick.

Basically my advice is put them together so they can see each other but not in same cage for a couple of weeks, then maybe when its playtime put them together but keep an eye on them all the time.

I agree with the advice of trimming the whiskers as this hopefully will remove the problem I have had which I believe can become a habit. My babys whiskers seem to be growing back fine now.
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