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cool naked pig! he looks so cute. naked as i call them but skinnys need to be babyed a little more and will need a fured roomie unless you can make him a sweater and keep it on him lol. that would be cute but when do you get him? I seen 1 skinny pig at the pet store one time and it was so sickly looking I was gonna take it home and stright to the vet but I knew that the vet would look at him and put him down. They were suposably brought in by some one who didnt want them anymore which the pet store suprisingly told us the truth for once that they dont get skinnys in and you have to go threw a breeder an they only took them b/c some one no longer wanted them and they came in that way. I was like why didnt you have a vet check them out before reselling and they said they didnt really care.......that was a shocker they were that blunt.
But I would love one but i have heard they are more care then a naked rat as in you have to be more careful like jenniecat said about cancer and hay pokes. But that there also super sensitive more so then hairless rats and need their skin mosterized and all. this is what I have heard but dont know how true it is, as in the mosterizing the skin and all beign more care then a naked rat. I have checked breeders out but there to far away for me to travel or for them even to meet in the middel. One i could have meet half way but everytime i was avalible she wasnt, or could not make it. But godo luck with the new piggy.

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I think you are in the wrong place buddy.
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