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Hi so sorry for late reply (internet prob). Know may not get answer now but anyway his eyes had white discharge and fur looked chewed all around making them look worse than maybe were, however kept finding eyes glued closed and having to bathe with slightly damp cotton wool to clean and open. Its now weeks later and completed all eye drops and 2nd set antibiotics and he looked ok but not completely better. Separated them and he has been fine - except they love to sit and sleep together so at the minute they are in a cage that is fine for 2 so long as have plenty exercise outside cage (which they do), howver as have separator in middle they are quite restricted for 'playing' in cage. Ive been opening the divider door regularly then separating when his eyes start the discharge but really want and need a bigger nicer cage for them so they have more play area when in it. Ive seen loads that would be perfect but have no dividers so any help or ideas anyone has please help. And why does this gentle 'grooming' cause problems?
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