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What should I do for a degu about to lose their cage mate?

My degu is about to lose the cage mate she has known ever since she was a baby. The other degu is older than her, and is soon to die from a bad respiratory infection. We are providing all the vet care and comfort we can, but the inevitable is that sooner or later she will be put down. But what about the remaining degu? She's already noticed something wrong and has taken to pinging on the bars of the cage and becoming hostile towards me. I know her mate's death will be extremely hard on her and I'm wondering it it would be best to get a another female baby now and introduce them, or to wait until the remaining degu has passed, to put less stress on the sick one?

She has "OCD" of sorts, if anything is missing or out of place in her cage she has fits, and when we take away her mate to go to the vets she never leaves her side when she comes back, even calling out for her when she's gone.
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