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Originally Posted by jojoandschrodi View Post
no, they're not still doing it. they did it once. the question i posed because i haven't given them an opportunity to do it again. i haven't let them in my bedroom since the one isolated time they peed on my bed.

AFAIK, the only times they've had an accident (the three I already cited) was while they were sick. and from what I understand, illness often correlate with inappropriate elimination. right? i'm certainly no expert...

my original plan was not to let them back in to my room until after they got spayed. vets around my area don't want to spay them until they are six months, so they have a few more weeks still. but they've been clawing at my door and i really WANT to let them in. i cuddle them all the time and they love me. but i'm nervous.

laundry's not easy for me since i rent and the laundromat has terrible hours and is two blocks from my house (no car, urban setting). so i consider the risks a little bit higher than others, i guess.

if it were you, would you let the kittens back in?
here either they dont spay or neuture till six month my moe thats my orange kitty in my status was allowed in our room till he got neutured so id take a chance i mean if they arent doing it anywhere else since there not sick anymore
so im sure it will be fine.

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