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its complicated with him as he also has laryngeal paralysis which he had tie back surgery for and the esophagitis aggravates his throat to the point he has these breathing attacks.

the specialist vet wanted him on tinned food but because he is a giant breed it just isnt possible so his dry food gets soaked in water to make it soft and he also has a tin mixed in with it. he rarely gets any treats. His food is just in a bowl, he isnt a gulper of his food.

the regurgitation happens randomly, he can go days where he doesnt seem to do it and then he will urge quite a bit and its the urging that then turns into these attacks he gets.

no-one never noticed the esophagitis until we went to the specialist for the LP and they noticed he swollows alot and then confirmed it was esophagitis, and has been on meds ever since, i cant personally see any difference when he is on the meds and when he isnt.

But at the moment he is having these attacks way too often he had them every day for a week and nothing we tried seemed to stop them. We dont know what is causing them, i think it is the esophagitis as he urges alot before the attacks start.
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