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Honestly. Your teacher should be smart enough if he went through university to get a teaching degree. UGH!! Your teacher sounds like the most pompous ignorant thing.. This rabbit (which is probably a rex or mini rex) was BRED?!?!?!?!?!? She's got upper respiratory problems, abscesses and she's senior. The rabbit will probably die on her own without intervention.
Rabbits have a thicker pus than cats and dogs, you guys squeezing it is only causing her pain and is not actually draining it at all. The infection will remain in her body until she succumbs of until she is treated with antibiotics from the vet.
What it sounds like is your "teacher" is well aware of the cases of abuse he has and is afraid to go to the vet for fear they will call animal authorities. He should be afraid, if I knew the name of your school I'd call myself. These animals need to be seen by a proper vet.
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