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Strange Rabbit noises- what do they all mean?

First, I think it would be good to give some information about rabbit noises, so here are some helpful links:
(put a w w w . before link)[/url]
There is also great information on what certain things mean for your rabbit and how to read those signs and even communicate with your rabbit!

Now, I've been looking around and I have not found anything to explain this strange noise that my rabbit made today. Maybe someone here could give some insight into what it could mean:
So my rabbit is out in my room exploring, and I leave to clean the cage. I come back, and she puts her ears flat and her body flat but not on the floor- it looks like she's ready to run at any moment (she's scared). I stop and look at her, and she says, "Mno!" and dashes under the bed. "Mno?" I thought...I am perplexed. I have never in my life heard her actually speak- I've heard her grunt, grind, tap the floor, and some other easily explainable noises, but never this! What could it mean?
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