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Very nervous Degu.

I bought 4 degu's a few weeks ago (mum who is 18 months, two 8 weeks old, one 2 week old) and they are all very close.

The two 8 week old are nervous, but particularly one we have called Izzy. She stays on the top floor of her cage most of the time, but interacts very well with the others (but occasionally can hump!).

But when it comes to me or my partner getting her out of the cage, she will do anything to avoid us. She is very quick and will never voluntarily come to us. When she got out the other week I managed to catch her, but she bit me quite badly.

I'm worried for her. The others we put in an exercise ball and they run around regularly to get exercise, and when izzy is in the ball she is fine, but getting her in there is a nightmare.

We tend to sit with her in an enclosed space to let her run around us and get used to us, but then she seems to return to her usual nervus self when she is back in the cage.

My partner works away Monday to Friday and he has more confidence with her because now she makes me nervous after she bit me, but I cant keep her in their for so long its just cruel.

Has anyone had this experience and found a certain routine helps?
Also, any advice for getting over my nerves with her? I really want to bond with her like I have With the others.
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