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Diego is probably digging to "hide" his food until he is ready to eat it.

Some theories:
• If Diego is not in pain (as evidenced by his using the wheel and not sitting around puffed up), then perhaps the Metacam should be stopped instead of increased. This may be upsetting his stomach/appetite.
• Maybe he has an infection. Another round of antibiotics may be in order. (This has worked for one of my degus whose tongue had been pinned by spurs on her teeth. I think the wounds might have become infected.)
• He does seem to be having some irritation around his mouth (rubbing it). (It took one of my degus a week or so to recover from her second filing. I think the vet was not as experienced and may have had her jaw open too wide). Time should solve that but the key is making sure he has enough nutrition until that. (see below)

Other notes:
• If you can, find a vet that can file his teeth without GA. Both vets that I've went to used only a bit of gas to calm my degu, Azure, down. I am very wary of GA.
• Keep feeding him as much of whatever he will eat. Perhaps try a degu food like Versele-laga Degu Nature that isn't just pellets but lots of dried veggies and food bits in different shapes (my degu with tooth issues would eat the long pointy ones); it might be less uncomfortable for him to eat. If you are really worried, you can try Critical Care supplement to ensure he gets all the nutrition he needs.
• Keep weighing him too.

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