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Thank you both so much for your advice so appreciated!

I'm wondering if you may be right about the jaw theory or infection...I'm going to ring the vet again today and see what he says I just really don't want Diegs to have to have another GA for them to have a look....but what you are saying about not having to knock them out entirely sounds amazing! I live in the Midlands (Notts, Leics, Derby border) Does anyone know of any recommended vets that you know perform this?

He hasn't got any worse which is a good thing, I just got a nice bag of JR Farm Degu Special in the has lots of variation! He's tried a few bits but gives up after a while.
I'm glad you have both said to continue giving him the foods he will eat.... was just abit worried aout too much walnut?
He will eat dandelions and grass and fresh herbs....again I didn't want to give him too much incase of bloating? Annoyingly he won't eat fresh food like his brother, never has! He's quite a picky eater at the best of times which doesn't help
Fingers crossed he'll pick up soon, I'm so dissapointed for him as I hoped after having his teeth filed it might relieve him and he would eat hay again to save a future of these problems! oh well keep truckin'
Thanks so much again....will keep you posted!
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