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Flag Why is my 9/10 month old puppy acting strange?

Hi, my name is Ben and I have a dog that is about 9 months old now, named Remi (female). She is a mix between a lab and something like a Shepard. Remi is well potty trained, but that is about the only thing she is good about. We used to take her to get trained and she was better behaved but now she has much more energy.
We recently decided to let Remi roam the house by herself. She has trouble figuring out where her place to go is. A lot of times she will come to my room and bark at me when I do my HW if I don't play with her! She used to sleep in my bed with me but now every night she gets feisty and goes crazy running around, crying, and messing with organized things. So I have been takin her to her crate. I have tried taking her to go to the bathroom but she doesn't have to go. I don't know what to do about that situation. Please help! My parents want to give her away. No matter how much I play with her she has energy at night and cries and barks if not given attention. Before suggesting trainer please give other thoughts. I walk and run with her but that doesn't wear her out!!!!!! Help is needed 😁! Thanks
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