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Exclamation Badly behaving Bunny! helllllp

My 1 year old, de-sexxed Male Mini-Lop rabbit Humphrey who is fully house trained and lives in a decent sized cage/hutch, with several long free playtime to come and go between his cage and lounge-room during the day, has become a real &@^! at night, he's great during the day, well behaved and proper, but overnight he takes to pissing everywhere, in his hay, in the cage, and only a little in his litter tray, same with poo.
He's only like this at night, and he KNOWS it's wrong but doesn't care, I'm at my wits end and am getting closer and closer to just giving him away as i don't have the patience, nor do i want to, clean out and wipe out his cage of piss and **** every morning because he's a badly behaved, lazy **** of a rabbit.
I love my little boy, but not when he does this every single night.
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