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Unhappy My kitten is still peeing in my bed!! Help!

Okay a few weeks ago I put a thread on here that my 4 month old kitten, Luna, was peeing in my bed and i didn't know why or how to stop her.

I changed her litter to unsecured. She seemed to like it the first few days and I put two litter boxes out but she only used one (she used the old one... I had to get a bigger one because she would scrape out litter over the aides of the older one.) Well I even locked her in the bathroom overnight and for a few hours one day to hopefully get her to be trained to use the litter box again... I know that probably wasn't long enough now though...

Anyways a few days went by and everything was fine well I came in my bed one night and what do you know I found kitty pee in my bed all over my newly washed sheets and blankets (i didn't spot clean the bed... i sleep on an air mattress and have 3 blankets under bottom sheet). I don't know what happened that she decided to do it again. That's the night i decided to lock her in the bathroom. That was 2 nights ago and since then I have found 3 more pee spots on my bed and to make mattera worse before I could get around to changing the sheets today the dog pooped on my bed!

My question is what is a logical reason as to what is going on? How can I help her stop?

She is a happy kitten and she eats normally not too much not too little. She poops (and obviously pees) in normal variation also. She is very active always running around the house with the dog. She loves snuggling and is just happy happy all the time. I am just frustrated that i don't know what to do!

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