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Absolutely crazy degu. Please help!

Background info: Just over a year ago the cagemate of the degu I own now (Jinx) died of overgrown molars and numerous other health problems. I got a baby degu (Bella) from the peat store and gently introduced her to Jinx, who although became very depressed at the death of her friend (and still is), soon grew to love the little one.

However, that little one grew up and got bigger than Jinx turned nasty around September of last fall. At first there wasn't any blood, just the occasional sparring matches, and there would be snuggling afterward. Then around November things started to get bloody and I separated them. Now they live in two separate parts of their large cage and things have become impossible between them.

Jinx is scared to death of Bella, and for good reason. Bella just wants to bite Jinx, perhaps even kill her. She makes social, happy sounds, and will pretend to get along with her, and then she'll strike. Today Bella managed to get her mouth between the bars separating them from each other and it seems that she has bit off a part of Jinx' toe.

Yeah. There was a lot of blood, and if Bella did indeed bite off a part of her toe then Jinx will be seeing a vet asap. I'm definitely not afraid to spend money on my pets.

So does anybody have any ideas what could be wrong with Bella or what I could do?
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