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Rescued little girl not taking to her meds...please help!

I have not posted in a really long time and posted somewhere else, but I remembered how amazing the people on this forum were!
I recently rescued two sister's from a friend of a friend that moved away. They clearly had respiratory problems so I took them to the vet who prescribed Baytril, Meloxicam, Vibramycin, and then also said to increase their caloric intake. One of the rats died before I could finish the treatment and even though I have 1 day left and Abi has gained weight, she just does not seem to be getting fully better. I've had rats before and I know the signs and the vet clearly thought exactly what I thought by prescribing those specific meds. Now that Sadie has died I know that I need to get more aggressive with her sister and I do have an appt. with the vet on Monday. Does anybody have any ideas of what I could ask the vet for? I don't want to go in blind and I am surprised that those 3 meds haven't made a serious improvement in 13 days! I'm really worried because she is such a sweet little lady and now that she is alone I really want to get her better so that I can move her in with my two 9 month old females once a full quarantine is over with. She can't be older than 1 1/2...she has so much life to live! Any ideas would be amazing!
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