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Exclamation Need advice ASAP RE: mice litter

I'm sorry if this is the wrong forum, but I figured those with pet rodents would be able to answer my questions the quickest, or at least know how to find the answers.

On May 31st we found two newborn mice on the sidewalk in front of our house. They were still completely pink with no fur, and wiggling around a lot. We looked all around the front of the house for any signs of a nest, but didn't find any. So I called the local Humane Society and they said to bring them in since we didn't know where they came from.

Fast forward a few days -- we heard that unmistakable scratching in our living room wall between the front door and window, only two feet from where we found the pups. There's a lot of cardboard-like stuff shredded on the ground outside now. We have metal siding on our house, and have no idea what all is underneath that, but it's obvious this stuff came from under the siding.

We don't want to kill or hurt them, but we can't let them live under our siding. Since they'll still be nursing for another week or two [guessing, based on the appearance of the two we found], when and how can we best relocate and/or repel them? We're concerned that if we deter the mother from returning, the pups will die in the wall. Alternatively, if we wait too long, the pups will mature enough to mate, or the mother will have another litter herself. Sadly, we just had to pay a lot of money to euthanise our dog on Monday, so we don't have the money to hire anyone to remove them for us, and we can't just rip up the siding to get them out. We have another dog and a cat, both of whom we walk on-leash outside, and we have bird feeders on the other side of the sidewalk, as well as bird nests, wild rabbit and opossum families living in our backyard, so anything harmful isn't an option as far as repellents go.

Any advice would be greatly appreaciated.
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