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Smile Tips and tricks?

Hi there

I just recently got a couple of rescue degu's. I'm new to degu's though not to rodents. I also have hamsters and gerbils.

I am finding that the degu's are very inquisitive, but are nibblers. It's usually okay, and sometimes they will groom my hand but my one degu, Nutmeg, has taken to actually biting! I think maybe he was just in a bad mood tonight.

So I have a couple questions that maybe a seasoned degu owner can answer.

How soon is too soon to handle them?
-I have been handling them sparingly but trying to take them out of the cage for a few minutes a day to sit on me or run around the bed. Cinnamon is usually happier about this. I pick them up by waiting until they go into their one tube and pick them up from there. They will not run onto my hand but will put their paws on my finger, sniff, nibble (though Nutmeg was biting rather hard and insistantly tonight) and then walk away.

Should I perhaps be covering the cage when not home?
-I have a cat who is very protective of my critters but I still worry he might be stressing them out simply because of his presence.

Also, after the biting episode, one of the degu's gave out what I identified as a "wheep" It was two quick high pitched almost barks. This was about 10 minutes after handling them, and I had been sitting away from the cage. It didn't seem like anything was amiss. Anyone have any ideas if they could have been startled, or was something else going on?

I know they're still adjusting, so I will be patient. I just want to know if there's some things I can do to make this transition easier on them and me. For one, I really don't want to be bitten! Not even lightly...Grooming of course is ok.
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