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Thank you all for the suggestions.

Lately things have been going very well. Both Cinnamon and Nutmeg are responding to me, coming to see me through the bars when I come home and walk by, taking treats and pets readily. Cinnamon is a little more shy and doesn't like to be pet so much but Nutmeg loves his belly and behind his ears scratched. I take them out once in awhile and they spend a lot of the time running up to me.

I am slowly finding out their preferences in food. Nutmeg seems more drawn to nuts and seeds whereas Cinnamon enjoys fresh veggies a lot more. They still eat their hay and pellets with sometimes a ravenous appetite.

I think the funniest thing is when Nutmeg plays through the bars. He will come up to be pet and does a bit of finger boxing, then back to more pets. I really adore the both of them and hope to keep bonding with them so they enjoy their time with me to the fullest.
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