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Unhappy Ill mouse not getting better or worse.

Hello everyone.
Our little May has been ill for 3 weeks now. About 3 weeks ago we noticed her fur looked ruffled, she had a slight hunch and was less active.
Since then she has been to the vet twice.

The first time was the day we noticed her ill and went to a random vet as we could not get an appointment at our regular vet, where she was given
an injection of antibiotics for what we suspected as been a respiratory infection.

A week later she looked no better or worse however the clicking sound from congestion started.
We then took her to our regular vet who gave her another injection and gave us a week of antibiotics to give her.

The day after the antibiotics were finished we notice most of the clicking sound gone. However
she still has fast breathing, slightly hunched back and ruffled fur. She also slightly drags her rear legs and now kind of lowers her head to sleep.
She does still eat well and is quite active when handled.

I should also note that their home is kept quite clean. We were using Chispie however have changed to recycled paper cat litter just in case.

We are really confused as to whether she is in pain and if we are been cruel in keeping her alive this way.
We really don't want her to have a painful life and know what is best for her if she is in pain.

Is anyone able to give us any advice from experience with the following:

* Would she be in pain living this way?
* Will it ever be possible to reunite her with the other mouse as she has been isolated since becoming ill?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
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