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4Yo prairie dog issues

I have a 4yo ( I believe male) prairie dog that has been aggressive for the past 2 years. We purchased him and were told he was a female. Now that he is older I think it's quite obviously a male. I intended on getting him fixed but no vet in the area will take him now that I lost the papers verifying when and where I purchased him 😣. He was not aggressive with me until recently and it is now a problem. He wants to be held but will latch onto my hand with his teeth when I place him back in the cage. I have started using a glove when handling him but I interact with him less than I should now. He is currently in his hibernation time so I leave him be anyway until he is more active. He did just developed a sneeze which is what brought me to seek help. I live in Massachusetts and will be willing to drive a bit to get him to a vet that will see him. Any help/ advice would be greatly appreciated!
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